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PROFESSIONALS  is a cleaning & Sanitization services provider company that exists to make your life cleaner, pure and free from any form of germs and bacteria. Our mission is to extend eco & environment friendly cleaning solutions that meets the expectations of our clients so that their offices, homes and other spaces are always protected, disinfected, and sanitized. Moreover, we make sure that chemicals we use for cleaning are environment friendly and they don’t harm pets or trigger any human allergies.

Our cleaning champions use the modern techniques and eco-friendly solutions from trusted suppliers for extending cleaning services to cater to our clients home and workspace cleaning needs. Working since a long time, PROFESSIONALS is a reliable and trusted brand providing eco-and environment cleaning services. We started this company with the vision to culminate the negative effects of cleaning on health. PROFESSIONALS promises its customers across the KSA to deliver guaranteed cleaning & sanitization services at your doorstep. Our values promote flexibility & protection to provide a wide range of dynamic cleaning sectors services

Why Choose Us



It is our to always seek the highest possible standards of excellence in all aspects of cleaning and related tasks. In order to achieve this, we have introduced a quality control system throughout the company, which covers cleaning, and all other service related tasks.



Our hardworking, dedicated team of professionals has been providing excellence in cleaning for a long time now, during which time, we have worked to perfect our cleaning methods enabling the best experience for our customers.



PROFESSIONALS uses a modern system to ensure the successful completion of all services we deliver. Comprehensive checklist inspections are used to make sure that all the individual cleaning tasks are done and live up to our high standards.



PROFESSIONALS recognises the fundamental importance of security and therefore, your premises will be in safe hands with PROFESSIONALS as we understand your requirements and concerns, particularly with regards to security.


Clean and Green

PROFESSIONALS uses premium grade, eco-friendly cleaning products to protect you, your health and our environment. The management of PROFESSIONALS believes in environmental strategy as a key element in operating a successful business.


Affordable and Customized

PROFESSIONALS offers flexible cleaning services that are always tailored to suit your needs and budget, based on a free, no obligation quote. We provide customized packages as per our customer’s requirements and needs.

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