Water Tank Cleaning & Sanitization Service

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Water Tank Cleaning & Sanitization Service

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Water Tank Cleaning

Why do you need to clean your water?

Stagnant, low circulation water sources can be a potential breeding ground for unwanted and harmful bacteria. Stagnation can be caused by many factors including underutilizing water, using an excessively large tank, and issues in your water system causing blockages or poor flow. These factors aside, there will always be some stagnation in water tanks. Therefore, regular cleaning and disinfection is essential even if these risks are low.

Cold water storage tanks are also a common source of nutrients for biofilm and bacteria, including Legionella. Over time a dirty tank can develop rust, sediment, and silt; unchecked tanks can become contaminated with organic matter such as leaves and small animals in extreme cases.

Another risk is debris coming in from the mains. The tank can act as a catchment area for debris, causing it to harbour nutrients and bacteria.

What are the benefits of cleaning water tank?

  • Good for your Skin & Hair
  • Correct Chlorine Levels
  • The Right Choice for your Health
  • No More foul Smell in the Water

Clean water is not only essential for your internal organs but also for your external self as well. When you take a shower, your skin absorbs all the chemicals that it is exposed to. Any harmful chemical or substance in the water can cause irritation or permanent damage to your skin & hair.

The dirty water tank may cause the water in your tap to smell bad. The foul smell is an indicator that your water is polluted, and the tank needs cleaning. If you are facing a similar situation, call a professional water tank cleaning company in Dubai right away!

The water tank can catch dirt very easily due to the humidity. Regular cleaning o the water tank prevents the buildup of dirt and impurities, which can cause harm to you and your family. It also decreases the risk of building up of sediments and silt and reduces the risk of tank corrosion & damage to the structure.

Despite using water filtration units, you may not be able to eliminate 100% of all germs and bacteria found in your water tank. Therefore, it is essential to get your water tank cleaned from the inside by professionals at least twice every year.

Our Pure Water treatment will ensure your drinking, shower, and swimming water is of the highest quality. 

We always recommend getting water tank cleaning after every 6 to 12 months. Give us a Call to Book an Appointment!

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